Guardian MB

Prevent Biometrics

  • Bulky and some are clear


  • Only impact detection
  • Designed to conceal electronics from view


  • Incorporates biological detector

Triax Smart Wearable

  • Only impact detection


  • Can move around during play
  • Detects changes in the body


  • Will not move around during play

Banyan Biomarker Blood Test

  • Requires 6-12 hours to process


  • Only works for adults
  • Non-invasive measurements


  • Real-time


  • Works for all ages  

Currently there are plenty of sensors on the market that record the magnitude of head impacts. One company, PreventBiometrics, already has a smart mouth guard on the market that can record the magnitude of hits to the head. This mouth guard, however, does not contain a biological detector. From this mouth guard, users only know the impact force the athlete received, not if an athlete has suffered brain damage. Our mouth guard, The Guardian, improves upon this product with the inclusion of a biological detector. The Guardian contains a biological sensor that monitors an athlete’s internal health and signals when a blow to the head changes an athlete’s normal biological functions. This way users know exactly when to take an athlete out of play and who to observe.

The Triax Smart Wearable Head Monitor send real-time accelerometer data to a mobile application similar to PreventBiometrics’ mouth guard, however, the head strap is rather loose and can be moved around during play, thus skewing the results from the accelerometer. With the Guardian, users can know immediately when an athlete has suffered a sub-concussion. Our mouth guard design allows for our product to be immovable and seamlessly integrated into all contact sports regardless of if they require helmets or not.

On the market there are other concussion sensors that are not mouth guards. The Banyan Biomarker Blood Test is an example of a product geared towards concussion detection. The Banyan Biomarker Blood Test is an actual blood test that can determine whether or not an athlete suffers a concussion or not. Although the Banyan Blood Test yields highly accurate results, the test needs 6 to 12 hours to diagnose a concussion.