The Guardian will utilize an already established protection in mouth guards and incorporate the technology in them. By doing so customers will feel familiar and comfortable when utilizing the product. However, in order to establish our product in the market our technology will use similar features to other detection devices but also take vitals to more accurately detect a concussion.

Concerns over concussions in the US market mainly come from the National Football League (NFL) and other high impact sport athletes. There is a growing worry over protecting children from concussions due to high impact sports as they typically are not aware of the danger that they are putting themselves into. Due to these two reasons and more, Guardian MB will use youth athletes and collegiate athletes as the entry point into the market and then further expand into professional sports. As football continues to hold the number one spot for number of concussions our platform will start off working towards entering this part of the market first.


There are 21.5 million youth between the ages of 6 and 17 that play sports annually in the United States. Of these youth 1.23 million of them between the ages of 6 to 12 are playing football annually in the United States. It’s projected that by 2024, sports protection will be at $9,299 million which is a large market for Guardian MB to enter and is steadily increasing as can be seen in the graph above. The following image shows our plan to get the Guardian into the market.


The Guardian is a one of a kind mouth guard. There is no other device like this on the market. Based on devices that are in the same market and measurements that the Guardian can provide, the cost of the device will be $200. Since our device can be bulk ordered for a team and reused for following years, we will be charging a yearly fee of $100 to track more than one mouth guard on the application. By having the mouth guard be reusable, it builds a good relationship with the customer as it can be a more than one time device for professional or college athletes. While some might not like that the cost is a little higher than some of the competitors, our device can provide more useful data than the competition in order to keep athletes in good health.